Creative Communicators Sought

*We are not hiring at the moment.
Local Creators’ Market seeks bilingual (J/E) personnel for public relations positions. These individuals will assist manufacturers of regional crafts in promoting their products to a wider English-speaking market of consumers, buyers, and collectors.

Craft localities currently seeking candidates:

  • ・ Oku-Aizu, Fukushima Prefecture (Mishima basketry)
  • ・ Seto, Aichi Prefecture (Seto-ware pottery and ceramics)
  • ・ Kainan, Wakayama Prefecture (Kishu lacquerware)
  • ・ Hamada, Shimane Prefecture (Sekishu washi paper)
  • ・ Kurashiki, Okayama Prefecture (Kurashiki canvas goods)
  • ・ Gunma Prefecture (Gunma silk)



  • ・Residence in the specified locality or within easy access
  • ・Native-level proficiency in English
  • ・Level N1 of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) or equivalent
  • ・Samples of published work (online or off)
  • ・Superb communication skills: research, writing, presentation, J/E translation
  • ・Genuine interest in regional craftwork and an intellectual curiosity for the techniques, lifestyle, history and culture on which it is based
  • ・Passion, dedication, integrity, respectfulness, service mentality


Duties (Senior Communicator)

  • ・Work with artisans and other stakeholders in the locality to identify and develop stories that promote the area’s craft tradition, products, nature, history, and food
  • ・Promote the locality and its featured craft in English through established social networks, official websites, and creative collaborations
  • ・Pitch stories to the media, prepare media kit, field inquiries
  • ・Organize and execute press and FAM trips for media coverage
  • ・Interpret for artisans when interested parties from abroad visit
  • ・Serve as liaison for product inquiries in languages other than Japanese


Duties (Junior Communicator)

  • ・Research and write English social-media posts and website updates on a regular basis
  • ・Interpret for artisans when interested parties from abroad visit

The hiring process includes an interview. Prior experience in sales and/or distribution channels is not required.



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*We are not hiring at the moment.